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Disappearing Frogs and Salamanders

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Amphibian populations are declining worldwide, and amphibians are experiencing high extinction rates due to habitat loss, climate change, pollutants, pesticides, invasive species, and chytrid fungus. Endangered species conservation efforts have focused mainly on mammals and birds, especially charismatic species such as the gray wolf and whooping crane. Amphibians, who have the highest extinction rates of any vertebrate class, typically receive little attention in conservation planning efforts. Data on amphibian population trends is limited. Amphibian Refuge will act as an amphibian “public relations” organization to ensure that conservation planning and practices do not ignore amphibians.

Purpose of Amphibian Refuge

Amphibian Refuge is a non-profit organization that aims to focus more attention on the amphibian conservation crisis. Organizations, companies, and government agencies with activities that affect amphibians must expend more resources on preventing amphibian population declines and extinctions. Specifically, federal and state government agencies should delineate specific geographic areas for amphibian conservation and implement long-term monitoring programs for amphibian populations. Conservation practices that increase amphibian populations should be developed. Through education and communication initiatives, the public should be made aware of the precarious status of amphibians. More research is needed on amphibian population trends.

Amphibian Refuge is promoting efforts to:

  1. Protect amphibian habitat
  2. Monitor amphibian population trends
  3. Implement amphibian conservation measures
  4. Educate the public on amphibian conservation issues
  5. Conduct amphibian scientific research

Amphibian Refuge Activities

Amphibian Refuge provides comments on proposed projects and plans that potentially affect amphibians. We regularly recommend the delineation of geographic areas to protect amphibians and establishment of long-term amphibian monitoring programs. Amphibian Refuge has commented on more than 30 federal projects or plans during the past year.

Amphibian Refuge is reviewing federal agency resource management plans to determine the level of amphibian protection on public lands. We are reviewing planning documents prepared by the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and US Forest Service. A report documenting this research will be prepared.

Contact Information

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